In this blog post we explain how you in Signatu Privacy Policy Generator can customize your Privacy Policy Design with “Customize” to make your Privacy Policy accessible for low vision users.

You may ask yourself

“Do visually impaired users use my website or app?”

The answer is

Yes, likely.

WHO says that

An estimated 253 million people live with vision impairment: 36 million are blind and 217 million have moderate to severe vision impairment. 81% of people who are blind or have moderate or severe vision impairment are aged 50 years and above.

(Privacy Policies for no vision users is a topic for a forthcoming blog post.)

GDPR on Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision

Recital 39 of the GDPR says that

“(t)he principle of transparency requires that any information and communi­cation relating to the processing of those personal data be easily accessible (...) .”

Recital 58 of the GDPR says that

“(t)he principle of transparency requires that any information addressed to the public or to the data subject be concise, easily accessible (...). Such information could be provided in electronic form, for example, when addressed to the public, through a website.”

GDPR Article 12.1 says that

“The controller shall take appropriate measures to provide any information referred to in Articles 13 and 14 (...) in a(n) (...) easily accessible form (...). The information shall be provided in writing, or by other means, including, where appropriate, by electronic means.”

WP29 Guidelines on transparency, endorsed by the EDPB, says that written information in Privacy Policies must be accessible for vision-impaired end users (if any).

Hence, it follows from the GDPR and WP29 Guidelines on transparency that Privacy Policies must be accessible for low vision users.

Signatu Privacy Policy Generator

Signatu Privacy Policy Generator is a self-service tool that allows you to generate, customize and tailor-make GDPR compliant Privacy Policies to integrate into your website or app for delivery to your end users.


Signatu has launched “Customize”.

"Customize” is a new feature.

"Customize" equips you to

  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to fit the design of your website and app.
  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to meet the needs of your end users, e.g. end users with low vision.
  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to make your Privacy Policy usable, useful and engaging for your end users.

How to design you Privacy Policy

Learn how to design your Privacy Policy by reading our previous blog post titled Privacy Policy Design.

Privacy Policy for users with low vision

What do people with low vision need for the content of A PRIVACY POLICY to be accessible/readable?

Considering end user accessibility needs for readable and optimal color combinations, this blog post uses a broad scope of low vision to include all visual impairments (except significant blindness):

  • Visual acuity (clarity)
  • Light and glare sensitivity
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Field of vision
  • Color vision

User needs related to each type above vary widely.

One user’s needs may conflict with another user’s needs.

Hence, know the needs of your audience before designing your Privacy Policy.

You can consider making several different Privacy Policies each of which meet different end user needs.

Using the color tool Accessibility tab, you can check whether your selected colors, font sizes etc are legible and readable before you publish your Privacy Policy.


Signatu supports text on light background.

However, some people need low brightness, especially for backgrounds.

We do not yet support Dark Mode.

Send us a message if you need us to support it.

Perceiving text size, font, style, capitalization, size of all elements

In order for you to help end users perceive letters, Signatu supports customisation of text differently for each text type. You can set:

  • text size
  • text font
  • text color

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