In this blog post we show how you can customize your Privacy Policy Design with “Customize” in Signatu Privacy Policy Generator.

Signatu Privacy Policy Generator

Signatu Privacy Policy Generator is a self-service tool that allows you to generate, customize and tailor-make GDPR compliant Privacy Policies to integrate into your website or app for delivery to your end users.


Signatu has launched “Customize”.

"Customize” is a new feature.

"Customize" equips you to

  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to fit the design of your website and app.
  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to meet the needs of your end users, e.g. end users with low vision.
  • customize the design of your Privacy Policy to make your Privacy Policy usable, useful and engaging for your end users.

Integrate images

You can include different media types in your Privacy Policy, such as images, icons, flowcharts, cartoons, videos …

Set your primary color

Set your primary contrast text

Set your secondary color

Set your text color

Set your text font

Set your text font size

Set your text font weight

Set your section font

Set your section font size

Set your section weight

Set your title font

Set your title font size

Set your title font weight

Set your subtitle font

Set your subtitle font size

Set your subtitle font weight

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