Let’s say you are a site/app owner and that an end user claims that she did not consent at your site/app or that the consent is invalid.

How can you as a site/app owner secure evidence that:

  • the user grants, refuses or terminates the consent as well as passivity as to any of these three actions?
  • the GDPR requirements for Consent are met?

In this blog post we will introduce some claims and counter claims between an end user and a site/app owner, and how Signatu records consent events as required by the GDPR.

You will see that an end user can claim that the design of the consent dialogue does not meet the GDPR requirements. We raise the question if you as a site/app owner can secure evidence that:

  • your consent dialogue was presented to an end user.
  • the consent dialogue had a certain design wich included certain elements.

For further details on how you can secure evidence for consent using Signatu, you can visit:

Note that Signatu uses Trackerdetect to take a screenshot of a fictitious user’s screen. Signatu does not take screenshots of actual users’ screens.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email at: hello@signatu.com