Signatu introduces for its members "Legal Guide on GDPR Consent".

This guide has the following table of contents:

What to do?

Upcoming Guides

GDPR attitude



Power dynamics

This guide will soon be available for all Signatu members only.

This guide is accompanied with a Technical Guide on how to use Signatu self-service tools to help you build sites that your users trust with their data, including:

  • Trackerdetect - scan your website to discover and manage 3rd party cookies and scripts.
  • Consent - manage your user’s consent and/or refusals to data processing activities. Includes tools to manage specifications and texts to present to the users.
  • Policy - map out the data processing activities in your organization and automatically generate Privacy Policies in multiple languages. Policies can be distributed through our Content Delivery Network (CDN).

We take care of a lot of the heavy lifting to help you comply with regulations, including the GDPR.

You can reach us at: