Today we are introducing Messages - a new way to handle delivery of information to our customers. If you are a Data Protection Officer overseeing a lot of sites you can potentially receive a significant number of messages from Signatu - e.g., notifications about new trackers we have identified on your web sites. Messages aims to give you complete control over how these messages are delivered to you and your co-workers.


All Signatu messages are always delivered to you message Inbox, available at In addition, you can set preferences for message notifications in My Account. The notification preferences include what topics to receive notifications for, and to what channels the notifications should be delivered.


All messages are stored in your message Inbox. Each message contains a short summary, and can have one or more actions. We will evolve the Inbox when we better understand how you want to use it, so don't hesitate to give us feedback.

Topics and channels

Message Notification Preferences

Messages are delivered to one topic. Initially we have defined four topics - one for each of the products - policy, consent and trackerdetect, as well as a system topic for operational service messages. We will gradually start to send messages for all these topics. As of today (September, 2018) only the trackerdetect topic is in use.

For each topic you can configure delivery to one or more channels. From today we support an e-mail channel, and webhook and slack channels are on the way. We will also support SMS if there is a demand for it - if you want notifications on SMS please let us know.


To manage the number of message notifications you receive, you can choose to receive a digest e-mail once per day instead of immediate e-mail delivery. Trackerdetect, for example, analyses your sites four times per day and potentially sends notifications for each analyzed site, and this can amount to a lot of emails.


Today we are rolling out a single channel for e-mail. Later this fall we will expand the channels based on demand, but do expect at least webhook and slack channels. These will allow you to deliver the message notifications to your custom REST endpoint and Slack channel, respectively.

As always we appreciate your suggestions to